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“Ekuro” – An Indigenous, Native and Exclusive African Restaurant in Nigeria!

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The year is 2021, and the entire world is still recovering from the dip caused by the coronavirus in 2020. Literally, all outdoor activities and gatherings, except essential services were shut off. Slowly but surely, everyone is coming out to get into normal life again.

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It can all be very frustrating, trying to find the right place to eat and feel good about life or relax in a chill spot, away from the noise and pollution of the township. We totally understand!

Guess what? All this can get better with “EKURO,” the best indigenous and exclusive restaurant in Akure, offering freshly cooked and indigenous meals to the neighbourhood.

EKURO is a Yoruba word for “palm kernel,” a fruit known for its commercial worth and nutritional value. It symbolises a great treat and qualifies as a state of great comfort or elegance.

EKURO is a restaurant facility within the FFA Resort centre located in Akure, Ondo – State, which became open to the public in the third month of 2021. The facility offers a number of rejuvenating experiences, including the African themed and indigenous restaurant, a unisex hair salon, state-of-the-art nail studio, an exotic spa, an equipped gym, an outdoor recreation facility and a tranquil lodging.

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EKURO Restaurant is an exclusive and new restaurant in the resort built naturally to radiate the essence of mother nature with a tad of the native Yoruba tradition and culture.

EKURO seeks to offer the neighbourhood a natural and traditional eating experience in a location that is serene and simultaneously helps to relieve the stress of customers. It is also led by indigenous staffers offering native and luscious dishes.

A chill-spot and sit-out section of the resort centre!


You should be at EKURO is because of our eco-friendly environmental features (i.e. bamboo-made chairs and table), which will directly connect you with nature’s core, and make you relish the calm and soothing atmosphere of the eatery.

Ekuro Resturant
Exterior Section of the Ekuro Restaurant

Our carefully curated menu includes mouth-watering dishes, ranging from locally made Ofada rice, Amala, Gbegiri & Ewedu to the highly praised Nigerian Jollof-rice! You can make a food delivery request of your popular dishes like Fried/White/Jollof Rice, Spaghetti and beans and others etc. The order menu includes:
Grab And Run Dishes, A La Carte, Native Food And Soups, Barbeque & Grill, Cereals, Toasts, Baked Meal, Spa Virgin Cocktails.

Angular view of the exterior section of the EKURO restaurant

Finally, having a meal by yourself or with friends when at EKURO, makes available the total experience of resort and park facilities.

Excited guests enjoying their delicious meal inside the EKURO restaurant.

Where you can find us?

Book a visit to the FFA Resort Centre – A Place For Rejuvenation and A Centre For Total Wellness!


Come experience us @ FFA Resort Centre:- Plot A, Block VI GRA 2nd Extension, Alagbaka, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
Get in touch with us:- +23480 3506 6656, +23490 1228 2280
Send us a mail:- info@ffaresortcentre.com
Connect with us on Instagram/Facebook: @ffaresortcentre


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