13 Reasons why you should Book FFA Hotel & Resorts in Akure for your intending vacation.

Why You Should Book FFA Resorts in Akure

There is a rising development of travellers doing vacation at resort locations instead of booking with vacation rentals (homeowners renting their house for short stays). This is why we think that you will be willing to take a switch decision on your vacation for a slightly better deal with us at FFA Resorts.

FFA Resorts offers lodging, restaurant and various rejuvenating services and is located in Akure, we will definitely provide higher quality services that most homeowners just can’t compete with. Speaking to multiple travel agents have helped us to determine 14 reasons why our resort location is the safest way to go.

1. FFA Resorts Comes with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

FFA Resort is known for having a customer satisfaction guarantee. When something doesn’t meet the guest’s expectation, our staff members are trained on how to handle these situations. If something is wrong with your room, staff can easily accommodate a change of room.

But when something doesn’t go right with a vacation rental property, there is a long process of haggling out details to find out who is in the wrong, whether the vacation rental owner was upfront about things or the guest just had too high of expectations for their stay. There is no guarantee that there will be any quick resolution or compensation if something does not meet guest standards.

2. Group Deals at FFA Resorts Are Just as Great!

One of the biggest appeals of renting a home for a short stay: is the number of people that can stay together at one rental for what many consider to be a low rate. But have you tried working with us, to book you a group deal at ours?
Not only can we get you the best rate for accommodations, but we can also plan out other aspects of your trip as well—like how you’re getting to and from your destination and things you can do once your party arrives.

3. FFA Resort offers better Privacy and Security

Travelling to a new place can be a little intimidating. If you’re booking someone’s house, you don’t always know if it’s in a safe area or not. Our resort location can guarantee your safety.

Plus, having staff members on the clock 24/7 means there’s always someone you can turn to if you feel unsure about a situation. On the other hand, the sheer fact of not knowing how many people have a key to the house you’re staying in should make you uneasy.

4. The Vacation Rental Owner/Manager is not the same as the Resort Manager

Although many times clients receive contact information for the homeowner, it’s not a guarantee that you will be talking with them if something isn’t right. As you may have to call the facility personnel’s number, resulting in you speaking to someone who most likely has never been to the property you’re staying at.

But then when you’re staying at our resort location, all guests can simply walk down to the front desk to talk to someone in person about any problems they may have. What’s more, they can lead them directly to their room to show them first-hand what the issue is.

5. More Options Are Located in Prime Areas like Ours.

We have spent thousands on researching our location area. It’s simple—we want to make money, so we took the time to make sure the area is ideal before building in this location (Alagbaka).

Prime locations in Akure, such as major cities like Alagbaka or beachfront locations in Ijare, Ondo state; also mean a higher property cost. Vacation rentals in these areas are just fewer in number or come at a higher cost in comparison.

6. Better Cancellation Policy with Us.

Let’s face it—sometimes something comes up and you have to cancel that long-awaited vacation. Whether it’s an issue out of your control, like an expected illness, death in the family or a cancelled flight, plans just sometimes don’t go the way we want them to.

The cancellation policy is up to the homeowner, meaning you may not be receiving a full refund, especially if it’s within a week of your travels.

On the other hand, it is easier to work with us. If it’s more than 24 hours in advance, guests can normally just cancel their reservation online for a full refund. Or you can contact us to update any unforeseen trip amendments that you may need to make.

7. No Surprises When You Come in

Walking into our facility should mean that there are no surprises for guests or clients. Pictures of the property are normally posted online along with online reviews from people who have no connection to the resort.

Company standards have to be met, and there’s always a chain of people that any client can contact if something does go wrong. Vacation rentals should be the same, but sometimes if not all the time, that’s not the case. Looking through reviews, you begin to wonder if they are from people who actually stayed at the property or if they are just family/friends of the owner.

Plus, with recent online scams of illegal Home listings, how can you be sure that the property you’re looking at online even exists? The last thing you need on vacation is showing up and finding out your accommodations aren’t valid – Can never happen with us.


There are more reasons why we are the safest to book your intending vacation with, keep your eyes peeled. 👀👀👀


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