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Six more reasons why you do your vacation at FFA Resort in Akure

In the previous post, we highlighted 13 reasons why you should consider planning your vacation in FFA Resort, Akure. In this post, we will share the remaining reasons why your decision to have your intending vacation will be potentially beneficial to your and your overall mental health. Let us dive in immediately. 


01. More Amenities Included

FFA Resort also offers more amenities to guests or clients than any traditional vacation rental. Whether it’s a simple snooker game or gym on-site or the full all-inclusive experience with multiple restaurants and outdoor sit-outs and a bar: FFA resorts give far more value to your trip. In comparison, various short stay homes have very basic rules for someone to list their home as a vacation rental.  

02. Do You Really Want to Be a Guest in Someone Else’s Home?

Some vacation rentals are for rooms in people’s homes while the owners are staying in the rest of the house. Sometimes you’ll even find rentals with communal living spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. This does not seem safe to us in any way. Even if you’re renting out an entire house for your vacation, there’s just the feeling that you’re in someone else’s house and therefore have to be on your best behaviour. At FFA Resort, we are just more understanding that accidents happen. One time a client turned the shower on and the shower knob came off. After calling the main desk, she was assured that it was no problem and a maintenance worker was sent immediately to fix it in a matter of minutes. If that happens at a vacation rental, the owner may not respond, thus creating a major headache.

03. Not Everyone’s Cleanliness Is the Same

Not everyone has the same level of expectation when it comes to cleanliness. Without any strict rules from a house owner: there is a lot of room for error, but for us, it can be reported to a chain of supervisors, therefore having a level of cleanliness that must be adhered to at all times. Even when you think we may not reach your personal satisfaction – you can just walk down to the main desk to talk to someone about it.  

04. No Minimum Night Requirement

Some vacation rentals require that you stay on their property for so many nights at a time, or require you to arrive a certain day of the week. This means you have to book your travels around their schedule and not your own, or you have to pay for nights you might not even be staying. FFA resort is the opposite—you book your stay according to your travel schedule.

05. Our Friendly Staffs to Help You with Tours, Excursions, Eateries, Etc.

Going to a new place can be fun and exciting, but it can also leave you a little unsure of where to go or what to eat. There are friendly staffs in our resort that are more than happy to direct you to some of the various services we offer (including the gym, barbecue or ‘asun’ spot, massage section, unisex hair salon, ekuro restaurant) and other favourite spots around town, or we even offer our own logistics service that can arrange excursions for you and your family. With vacation rentals, you’re lucky if the homeowners leave you a local newspaper or printout of things to do in the area.

06. FFA Resort is Open 24/7

Have you ever had to take a late-night flight and not arrived at your destination until the wee hours of the morning? Your arrival time doesn’t matter at all when you’re staying at the FFA-Resort as there’s always someone there covering the front desk to help you out, check you in or store your luggage while your room is prepared. With vacation rentals, if you arrive too late and can’t find the key or aren’t able to get into your rental, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find someone to help you.


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